Northern Ireland Book Publisher Launches Book for Canadian Client

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Northern Ireland Book Publisher Launches Book for Canadian Client

Northern Ireland book publisher - Perissos Group- Keill coverBELFAST, N IRELAND – Northern Ireland book publisher Perissos Group recently launched a new book for Jeffery Keill and Associates, a Canadian-based financial planning firm.

The book, “Focused Wealth”, details the full spectrum of investing philosophies and financial solutions that Keill offers his Ontario clients.

“We love working with professional clients who want to showcase their expertise in book form–a promotional book–and then in turn use that promotional book to attract new clients for their business,” said Jerry Kuzma, Director of Perissos Group. “It is one of the most effective ways of building their client base, and the whole process pays for itself with the first new client.”

Even though separated by 3000 miles, the author and the publisher completed the book project by using Skype and email, so the distance was not a hinderance to the professionalism of the final product.

Keill wrote the following recommendation on Jerry Kuzma’s LinkedIn profile: “Unbelievable! What a great experience to work with Jerry in getting my book, Focused Wealth, published! From start, to finish, to follow up Jerry and his team were able to bring my idea to life. His advice and guidance proved to be incredible value. Thank you Jerry for the great job, and I look forward to our next publication together.”

According to an article in the Huffington Post, small business owners who create a promotional book gain “an extra layer of credibility as an expert” in their industry. One business owner describes his promotional book as “a business card on steroids”.

Author Keill is positioning his promotional book towards the needs, challenges and concerns of his prospective clients, particularly those that have never heard of his firm.

“This book is intended to bring back the common sense and fundamental truths about money, investing, and financial freedom,” states Keill. “When the financial world wants to talk about the last 20 minutes, I want to talk about the truths learned over the last 200 years. That is why I start most of the chapters with short stories about real people and the financial lessons that they have learned—the same principles that you and I need to follow in our financial lives.”

Topics covered include savings advice, investing principles and retirement planning; the content would appeal to both novices and more experienced investors who want to plan for their financial future.

For more information on creating a promotional book for your business, visit Copies of Keill’s book are available on Amazon.