About Us

Perissos Group, a Northern Ireland based publishing and marketing firm, announced the launch of Info321.com, a business news site to cover commerce and topical news for both local and global markets.

The site will be publishing news stories covering business, government, tech, charity, publishing and religious topics on a weekly basis. It will also be featuring audio interviews and video clips of thought leaders in various niches, often not covered by other business news sites.

The publisher, Perissos Group, is a UK-based firm that currently publishes books, audios, promotional videos, training products and information products for business clients and charitable organizations.

“We firmly believe that there is a growing gap in the news and information market that requires innovation and sheer gusto to fill, and that’s where Info321.com fits in,” said Mr Jerry Kuzma, the director of Perissos Group.

For more information on the site and its mission, you may visit: www.info321.com/about-us.

To contact the publisher regarding your questions or comments, visit:  www.PerissosGroup.com/support

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